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Worry Free System Recovery!

Cansec's Cloud Rescue Service will ensure that your access control data is automatically backed up to Cansec's Cloud Rescue servers nightly.  You will never again have to worry about hard drive failures or someone accidentally deleting your data.

Once you sign up for a Cloud Rescue account (one required per system), you simply download the Cloud Rescue Service Backup Agent, specify what time of the day the backup is to be performed and you are done.  The Backup Agent knows what product you are protecting and will automatically copy the data to Cansec's Cloud Rescue servers every night.  Your data is never more than one day old!

In the event that your data is accidentally or maliciously deleted, you simply log in to your Cloud Rescue account at with the user name and password you were assigned when you purchased the service.  From there you can restore your data with a single click!  The data is automatically restored to the appropriate drive and folder on your PC.  It does not get any simpler than that!

In the event that the hard drive has failed, you will need to restore BOTH the software and the data.  No need to worry, Cloud Rescue has this contingency covered.  Once you are logged in to your Cloud Rescue account, restoring your software is just as simple as restoring your data - a single click and you are done!  If your software requires a key, it will be displayed on the account logon page.